About O'Canada


O’Canada Immigration & Education is a subsidiary of O’Canada Immigration & Education Services located in British Columbia. O’Canada Immigration & Education Services is a Canadian federally registered immigration service company dedicated to building bridges to study, work and immigrate to Canada. Over the past 12 years, O’Canada, with its professional experience and deep international resources, has successfully handled the business of studying in Canada and immigration for 7,480 domestic clients, of which 1,716 have successfully immigrated to Canada. The company team includes: legal consultants, immigration consultants, legal assistants, English / French tutors, career planning tutors, life tutors, copywriters, event planners, marketing specialists, senior administrative and customer service departments, etc.

Why choose O'Canada

O’Canada’s original system services ensure the industry’s leading success rate, making customers more at ease, more at ease and more confident

O’Canada has been focusing on Canadian study and immigration services for 12 years, with nearly 10,000 successful cases

A top team composed of former immigration executives and senior legal experts and other professionals, able to face all kinds of incurable diseases

Created a public welfare platform “Everyone can immigrate to Canada”, providing systematic and high-quality free immigration courses to the general public + free consultation + free professional services

The company’s customer service department is an important window to connect the company with customers. Customers can obtain the following conveniences by adding customer service numbers: applicants understand the application progress in time; obtain relevant information about immigration abroad in real time; get the notification from the immigration office in the first time; assist relatives and friends Consultation and Q&A; customer service can be contacted anytime, anywhere

O’Canada pioneered the screening and shunting system-screening based on customers’ own conditions and application difficulty, placing competent and well-qualified customers into the “free service channel” to help customers accurately locate and clarify their ideas, and finally complete the application themselves (DIY); send customers with more complicated conditions or do not have the conditions for DIY to the “one-to-one” full hosting “worry-free service channel”, customers do not need to worry about it. This shunting mechanism can eliminate customer errors and unnecessary costs caused by information asymmetry to the greatest extent, so that customers do not spend money unjustly and greatly improve the success rate. With over 300 customers each year, we have applied for our own success with our suggestions and help